About the Playwright


T. Gregory Argall is a very tall playwright. Chances are he's taller than you, unless you are one of the rare people who are taller than him.
Known as "the other Canadian playwright," Mr. Argall is the author of many, many plays which have been produced on stages around the world. His first full-length play, "A Year in the Death of Eddie Jester" won the 2002 Samuel French Inc. Canadian Playwrights Competition. Hurrah!! 
He lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada with his wife, Margaret, his son, Robert, and Lefty Stitchnibbler, the Wondercat.
At various times, when schedules permit, Mr. Argall has collaborated on scripts with Todd McGinnis. These collaborations have been quite successful and very funny.
In addition to working on a nearly-finished novel and a half-developed board game, he is also writing a stage musical based on the music of Seattle nerd-rock kings Kirby Krackle.
When not writing, Mr. Argall can be found perfecting his pogo-stick skydiving technique, or juggling pine trees on the beaches of Antarctica. (Who are we kidding? He's never not writing.)

If you are one who does such things, you can find him on Facebook as T. Gregory Argall, the Other Canadian Playwright. Be sure to "like" him. He's quite likeable.