People & Places You Should Know About


Todd McGinnis, Playwright

I have collaborated with Todd many times, producing some wonderful comedy of which I am very proud. The stuff he writes on his own is pretty impressive, too. Take a look.


Lesley Livingston, Novelist

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of obscure ancient minutiae, Lesley writes well-crafted, beautifully creative fantasy with magic and elves and time travel and fun.


Adrienne Kress, Novelist

Adrienne writes whatever stories grow in her mind, and they are all fantastic stories that deserve to be told.


Robert J. Sawyer, Novelist

Rob is Canada's premiere Science Fiction author, having won multiple Hugo and Nebula awards for his brilliant novels and short stories. 


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Yarn Harlot

Stephanie knits and write, writes and knits. She tells stories about family and friends and life and laughter and, of course, knitting. It is wonderful stuff and you want to read it, even if you don't knit.


Gord Cadabra, Magician

Gord is an amazing magician and a very funny guy. 


Deirdre Mallehe

Deirdre loves music. She promotes music. She hosts music. She lives and breathes music. She even has a boutique that sells music-related decor and clothing. If you are an indie musician, you want to know Deirdre. If you love music, you also want to know Deirdre.


The Opera House Players

The OHP in Elkader, Iowa is a theatre company that is very dear to my heart. Not only have they produced at least two and a half of my plays, they also welcomed me generously into their lives and made me feel like part of the family. 


Jack Astor's Restaurant

Really? A restaurant? Yes. The Brampton location of Jack Astor's is staffed by some incredibly fantastic people who have overwhelming patience with me. They see me a lot. A large amount of my writing is done at table #83.