Well done. You've found the secret hidden page on my website.
Why hide a webpage? you ask.
The answer is simple. This page isn't what the website is about.
I'm a writer but years ago, for a while, I was an artist, a painter. When the need or mood arises I am sometimes a painter again. But it's not what I'm known for, so while I'm somewhat proud of some of my visual works, I don't feel they should have a primary position on a website designed to promote my writing.

So, yeah, this page is hidden, but obviously it's not hidden very well. I mean, you found it and I knew you would. Otherwise I wouldn't have written all of this here.

I painted this in 1985-86. I was much thinner then. The painting is about five feet wide and currently hangs above the stairs in my home, simply because it won't fit anywhere else.

I painted this in high school, sometime in the mid-1980s.

An experimental self-portrait from the early 1990s. I'm in there somewhere.

I once directed a play called "Booster McCrane, P.M." by David S. Craig, about a small town lawyer who accidentally manages to get himself elected Prime Minister of Canada. In one scene, Booster's best friend and adviser, Chief Joe White Eagle is sitting in the P.M.'s office painting a portrait of Louis Riel. On the morning of dress rehearsal day I realized that we didn't actually have the portrait yet. So I grabbed some paint and did this after lunch.

Sometimes, for fun, I'll mess around with Photoshop.
This is a portrait I 'shopped a few years ago, featuring my friend, Natasha Arsenault, a very talented actor and writer.

I used this for the cover of my play "South of Hope."

Something just appealed to me about the idea of reducing a photo to positive and negative space.
(People from a pre-digital era may sense a weak pun there, but it's all in your imagination.)